Tap into It's MY Bike.

It's MY Bike uses smartphone scannable Near Field Communication microchips to secure bicycles. Two chips can be concealed on the bike itself, under the tires or handlebar covers with a further chip installed in the labelling.

To register on the It's Mine database simply tap your NFC capable on the chips. Anytime someone scans your bike you will get an email alert. If your bike gets stolen and recovered all the finder has to do is tap their phone on the label to send you an email.

You can also use the system to manage a number of items using the same email address. A parent may want to register all the family bikes in the same place, or a bike club could manage all their members bikes.

The person who has registered the bikes can download the list in Microsoft Excel format.

For instructions go to Getting started.

Delivery Please allow 14 days for delivery (UK) and 28 days (Rest of the world).

Smart Tie

It's MY Bike

A high visibility label designed to disrupt a thief's target selection process.

Couples with two Near Field Communication chips that should be hidden on the bike.

To register your bike or accessories simply tap your smartphone on the chip and fill in the online form.

You will have free access to our database, The Safe where you can manage your items. Club or event organiser may also find the facility to download their entries in spreadsheet format

£9.99 ex. vat