It's MY Bike

3. Methodology

The first line of defence is our It's MY Bike brand. It is the clearest statement of ownership in the English language.

It tells a potential thief, in BIG RED CAPITALS that you have taken responsibility for your property and have taken measures to secure it. This, will reduce the chance of your bike being stolen.

The brand has been specifically designed to draw attention to itself and to activate a thief's early warning system. Evolution has fitted us all with a system that continually looks for threats matching what it sees with risks stored away in our memory. It operates below conscious awareness and we have all experienced it. Remember that time that you moved your head away just in time as a ball, rock, frisbee, whatever, just missed you. That was it in operation.

For more information on how this works have a look at this page.

The microchips can be fitted on each wheel under the tyre with the It's My Bike label on the frame. Alternatives are under saddles, bike bar ends or under grips. Chips can also be fitted to accessories such as panniers.

You might have a really expensive bike that you don't want to put the label on to. Think about putting it on something else, like a seat cover for example. Remember though that if the potential thief can't see something warning him off then he won't be warned off and you have wasted your money.

But couldn't the just remove the chips? They will have to use their phone to find them, no easy task as the phone does not give an exact position for the chips, then gouge them out, possible damaging the bike and making it unsellable. Also everytime they scan the chip it will automatically send an email to the owner saying it is being scanned and information about the phone is stored in our database.

Before they sell the bike on they will have to repair the damage they have caused in removing the security. This takes it well outside a thief's comfort zone.